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Hirntot Shirt

Post by Harlekin »

Is anyone intrested in a Hirntot shirt with stitched hirntot logo?

Price would be:
~5,9€ shirt + 5,9€ stitched logo + shipping + few € for setup and other crap

Shirt price differs, as big shirts cost a bit more.

Shipping ~4€ inside Germany, ~5€ EU, ~9€ outside EU
Shipping varies due to weight and some other factors.

In the end 1 shirt with shipping is around 20€.

If you are still intrested in a high quality shirt with stitched hirntot logo leave a reply here:

#how many #size #country
1 L De

Shirts will be ordered all at once and money has to be send BEFORE i order the shirts. Everybody that is intrested will get private message with further details.

Still got my shirt from the first batch, now older then 10 years and its still in good conditions.

Here a example:
shirt.PNG (34.8 KiB) Viewed 5800 times
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Re: Hirntot Shirt


font and design is not related to what we love (et and server).
Also, bare "hirntot" is not enough - I'd add some fun stuff like "WHO OPENED DOOR" or "team tragedia"
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