[Challenge] Bender's shiny metal ass - winners announcement

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a domestic cat
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[Challenge] Bender's shiny metal ass - winners announcement

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Bender's shiny metal ass challenge has ended! Thousands of dynamites were planted, tens of thousands soldiers were revived and hundreds of thousands were fragged in last week. It's been fun. Thanks to all who attended this challenge!


erika won this challenge with 50 planted/defused dynamites, 357 revives and nice overall K/D ratio 1,25! No queue for you till 14th July.
nine.inch.nails finished second with 33 dynamites, 299 revives and K/D ratio 1,11. Till June the 14th, you can join anytime.
1.618033 scored third place with his 24 dynamites, 263 revives and K/D ratio 1,19. Happy overtaking of players in queue till 14th June!

Queue exceptions are set as promised in challenge announcement. Congratulations!

TOP 10 positions



In total, there were 1 983 dynamites planted, 374 dynamites defused, 39 445 revives and 182 948 frags.
Highest fragger was noniiin with 4 802 kills.
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Re: [Challenge] Bender's shiny metal ass - winners announcement

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Congratulations for everyone ! ;)
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