[Event] Basket panzer and baserace

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[Event] Basket panzer and baserace

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Hey guys,

We'd like to invite you all to a little event next Sunday (19th). We'll be playing some panzer basket followed by baserace (desert). We'll start around 19:00 CET, and I guess we'll keep going for as long as there are still players.

When: Sunday, 19th @ 19:00 CET
Server: fun.hirntot.org:27950 (

For extra fun, please join our Discord voice chats. If you're not already in our Discord, here's info on how to join: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21

If you wanna get some practice in beforehand feel free to join the server any time you want, it has been re-purposed for hosting events like this. You'll also find a few other special maps on the server. More details about the new server setup here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=272 (Just vote next map if you want to try something specific.)

If the interest is good we hope to continue hosting regular events with varying setups going forward.

See you on Sunday!


Here's a short summary of the maps we'll be playing for this event:

Panzer basket
As the name suggest, it's all panzer on this map. The goal is to pick up a ball from the middle of the map, bring it to the opponents side and with the help of jump boosters bring the ball through the hoops. Most goals after 10 minutes wins. I expect we'll play this for some 30-60 minutes before moving on to Baserace.

Catch the flag, or in this case boxes of building material (I guess) and build up your base to help you protect your own flags. There's a fixed amount of boxes to steal and first team to steal them all wins (I think it's like 20 boxes or so).
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