Bullets lag

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Bullets lag

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I have a strange problem with bullet lag on Hirntot server (on HBC, for example, everything works fine). Very often when I play there is a very noticeable delay between i fire a gun and it hits the enemy. The thing is that i have stable 50 ping, 125 fps, 1000 hz @ mouse and when I have this delay it feels like if i was playing at 200 ping.

This thing doesn’t occur every time i play, but i have it very often. I tried zillions of configs, different rates, cl_maxpackets etc, but im 99% sure its not the fault of settings in game. Also i turn off firewall and any unneccessary processes before i play. Tried different drivers to mobo, gfx, soundcard and so on… I even tried formating and different os, but problem still occurs.

I have a good pc and net and absolutely no idea what could cause this ‘bulllet lag’. The lagometer is perfectly clean, fps are stable, ping is stable but hits are delayed.

It happens on Hirntot only...

I’d really like to know what could be the reason of this bullet lag. I'm from Poland so I don't see the corelation between servers location (why on UK it's okay and why on Germany is tragedy).

Thank you in advance for your support.
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