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Downloads & Tools

Post by Tasseladd »

Some helpful tools to ease your ET experience:

Enemy Territory Game:

ET Windows


ET Linux

Enemy Territory SourceCode:

ET Windows SourceCode

ET MacOS SourceCode

ET Linux SourceCode

Usefull Tools:



Discord channel link HERE

Gamma FIX
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Prinz Eisenherz
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Post by Prinz Eisenherz »

in order to reacquaint myself with ET as a veteran after many years, I first needed all the installation files that I have already downloaded here.
I found out that your link for HLSW doesn't work anymore and while searching for it on the internet I found the unofficial HLSW version, which I will now try out first: ... ith-fixes/

PS: I hope that Deepl translated my german understandable! :mrgreen:
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Re: Downloads & Tools

Post by c0rnn »

Thanks for posting the new version, although you don't need HLSW. You can also check servers on or

And if you have issues with PunkBuster, you can fix it with:
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