Make hirnlos a copy of hirntot

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Make hirnlos a copy of hirntot

Post by evirdrevo » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:38 pm

You should be able to have two et clients open on one machine these days. Please make hirnlos a copy of hirntot so we can paly there while waiting to be on the main server. Just food for thought!

I'm sure a lot of oldschoolers who where using timescale to get in the server faster are pissed off with the queue but its a much fairer system and also gives a sort of premium feel to the server, you'd rather keep on playing since once you disconnect you know you'll have to requeue for 30 minutes.

And last but not least: can we have the !queue being spammed in teamchat of the spectators every minute please?

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Re: Make hirnlos a copy of hirntot

Post by Harlekin » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:59 pm

We had a Hirntot II in the past, it was empty and Hirntot was full... All i tried to populate it failed... I'm not sure if the player base is big enough to populate both server. I open an internal thread to see what members think.

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Re: Make hirnlos a copy of hirntot

Post by mETLA » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:22 pm

I don't think the playerbase is the main problem, neither are the maps.

Everyone nowadays plays on hirntot and hbc, but not because of the settings which couldn't be any more different from each other or because of the maps but because those are the only servers with people.
On crossfire I see every few weeks some guy asking for a decent etpro server with good settings and maps and every time someone says he is willing to pay for one and several people say they would play there.
What happens then? Either the server isn't even made or no one ever plays there and it dies after a few weeks.

So this drives me to the conclusion that what actually is needed are like 4-6 very dedicated people who are willing and able to play on that server (in this case hirnlos) consistently, which means at least every second day for several hours and for many weeks. Then other people will connect and play too.
But no one is willing to sit alone in an empty server and waste his time waiting for more players.

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