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For s3al

Post by evirdrevo »

BIND LEFTARROW "setspawnpt 1; echo ^01"
BIND DOWNARROW "setspawnpt 2; echo ^02"
BIND RIGHTARROW "setspawnpt 3; echo ^03"
BIND UPARROW "setspawnpt 4; echo ^04"
BIND DEL "setspawnpt 5; echo ^05"
BIND kp_enter "setspawnpt 0; echo ^00"

0 resets to default

All these spawnpoints will always prioritize the guy with the highest xp. Especially on goldrush this is noticeable, if you have the highest xp youare guaranteed to spawn in front, allowing you to dodge the mortar guaranteed if you stamina and jump out as fast as possible. Most XP = always gets access to the best spawnpoints.

Axis => 3 spawns in front of the team towards the main exit in first part and you spawn closest to the main exit in last part, again in front of the team. If many people pick this point, you will block each other at the first part start.
Allied => 4 spawns you closest towards the tank, in front of the team and axis camping at the back wont see you spawn.
Allied => 3 spawns you at the back spawn but closer towards the ammo.

Axis => 4 spawn at cp, after cp falls you will spawn at right exit instead of the front exit.
Allied => dunno lolz :D I should play more allied.

Axis => 2 spawns you towards the mg bunker exit, once flag gets taken it will spawn you at the forward hut, again in front of your team. If you want to spawn forward hut before bunker is taken you can use 4 but this is the normal hut spawn, so it will spawn you in the middle of the hut, not the exit.
Allied => 4 spawns you at the window of first spawn, ahead of the team. Once the bunker gets taken you will spawn at the truck exit, again in front of the team even allowing you to get to the bunker exit with shield up to kill kiano trying to spawnrape you.
Allied => 5 spawns you at the cp exit instead of at the cp. Very nice to dodge spawnades and strikes and avoiding the clusterfuckblock at the exit.

Axis => 4 will spawn you at the tower in the spot closest to allies allowing you to get an early airstrike out on their first respawn. After an update, this rarely works anymore, the lower your xp the more chances you get to spawn at the tower first spawn. Still use this one, since you will spawn at tower but once depot flag gets taken you spawn at the depot. Cornn if you read this, plz fix this. You did this :'(

Allied => dunno lolz :D I should play more allied.

None that I know of.

Allied => 1 will spawn you at the ammo instead of the flag
Axis => 5 will spawn you towards the tunnel
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Re: For s3al

Post by S3AL »

many thanks senor

maybe in return one day i teach u how to aim
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Re: For s3al

Post by evirdrevo »

that's ... cruel!
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