dear xornn or corn

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dear xornn or corn

Post by txinoob »

Hello mi friend i know mi englis is shit but if you want to understand it you can,i only want to say it you are a shit admin,thx for mi 14xx minutes kick.
1 guy tk you and you can kick him,i got 3 tks in a row and i cant tk the stupid retard tker,you are killing your server.thx

1 kiss for all nice guys i meet in this
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Re: dear xornn or corn

Post by c0rnn »

Cry me a river.

"Chat [ [!!!]x0rnn: guy was baiting me to kick him so he can come whine about admin abuse on discord/forum ]
Chat [ [!!!]x0rnn: go ahead ]"

Learn the difference between intentional tk and accidental tk.

Stop whining, thanks.