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Hirnschlag Server Info

Post by Moses » Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:33 am

Optional PK3:
HD ET: http://download.hirntot.org/etmain/z_hdet.pk3
RTCW Sound Pack: http://download.hirntot.org/etmain/z_hi ... 180826.pk3

Current game type:
Map voting

Map Pool:
  1. Gold Rush
  2. Siwa Oasis
  3. Seawall Battery
  4. Rail Gun
  5. Wurzburg Radar
  6. Fuel Dump
  1. adlernest
  2. et_beach
  3. et_depot
  4. et_ice
  5. et_village
  6. Frostbite
  7. mp_assault_fal
  8. mp_rocket_et_a1
  9. mp_sub_rc1
  10. sos_secret_weapon
  11. tc_base
  12. te_escape2.pk3
  13. et_ufo_final.pk3
Map Suggestions: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=27
Note: We will host only 9 custom map at the time, to reduce MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS crashes.
Every Sunday morning the custom map pool is shuffled. 3 Maps are removed and 3 new Maps are added.