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Server Rules

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The following are rules to be adhered to while playing on our gameservers.
Breaking those rules can lead to warnings, mutes, kicks and bans.

1. The almighty rule
Keep it nice! It is just a game and we all just wanna have fun!

2. Spawnkill
There are two kind of spawn points: fightable spawns and non-fightable spawns.

A fightable spawn is every spawn which can be claimed (eg. flagpole), constructed or destroyed (eg. Command Post). All other spawn areas are non-fightable!
There are no restrictions on how to behave in a fightable spawn, you can use support fire and heavy weapons in these spawns.
In a non-fightable spawn, support fire and heavy weapons (like mortar, panzerfaust, flamer, etc) are NOT allowed.
Killing in a spawn with light weapons (e.g. thompson, pistols) or rifle nades is never spawnkill, but keep rule #3 - Spawncamping in mind.
See also our detailed map rules for further information on which spawns are fightable and which not (left side of this page).

Some spawn points can be fightable first and then change into non-fightable spawns, like the Siwa Oasis Old City spawn. As long as the old city wall exists, the spawn is fightable (because the flag can be captured). But after the wall is breached, the spawn can not be recaptured. So the spawn turns into a non-fightable spawn and therefore spawnkill is not allowed anymore.

We have a Anti-Spawnkill-Script, called ETWsk, running at our servers. This script aims to reduce spawnkilling (SK) on public funservers. ETWsk does not prevent but it detects and counts SKs for every player. If a player has caused a certain number of SKs, he gets punished (putspec, kick, ban, ...).

As the detection of fix spawns is difficult especially on custom maps, some configuration work has to be done. So keep in mind that ETWsk is not configured for every map, so even if you were not punished by the ETWsk it does not necessarily mean it was not spawnkill. The script can be wrong in both directions: punishing you for something that was not spawnkill and not punishing you for spawnkill. The final decision is still up to an admin.

There are two exceptions:
1. When someone fires a heavy weapon (eg. mortar, mg42) from his own spawn area, you are allowed to spawnkill, but only as long as the enemy heavy weapon is placed there (this is often a reason for confusion, so if you are not sure just leave it).
2. When someone carries an object through a non-fightable spawn, the spawn gets fightable. But only as long as the object stays in spawn.

These two exceptions are NOT detected by the ETWsk, in other words, you will be punished by the script! But since the script is not configured for all maps, these two exceptions can help you on some custom maps. And maybe the script improves one day ;)

3. Excessive Spawncamping
Please do not excessively camp at the enemy spawn. Try to get some real fights or switch teams to balance the game. It's all about fun, isn't it?

4. Selfkill
Selfkill is allowed, but with the following restrictions:
- At our etpro-Servers: Limited via scripts to a certain number of /kills.
- At our NQ-Server: Counted as kill for the person who hit you three seconds before your selfkill.

5. Racism / Xenophobic name tags and remarks
Name tags that could in any way associate with racism or fascism (eg. all 3rd Reich related stuff) are strictly prohibited! People that spread chat with racist comments or remarks will not be tolerated.

6. Chat / Voice Chat
There are some rules about the chat/voice chat.
- Do not spam
- Do not insult (like calling names)
- Do not flame
- Avoid using bad language / swearing

Since we are an international community, English is the only language allowed in global and in teamchat! This gives most people the ability to take part in a conversation. You may use the language of your choice in fireteams and private messages.

7. Shoving
Keep it nice. Use shove to move idle players out of the way at spawn. Do not use it to be annoying.

8. Complaining
If somebody misbehaves, there are a few ways to handle it. Use them in the following order:
a) Tell him politely to stop it, since it annoys you/it is forbidden. Not everybody knows all the rules.
b) Tell an admin if one is online. If you do #1 in the main chat, it is enough to tell them that player xyz has not stopped doing abc.
c) Try a kick vote. If everybody thinks like you, the player is kicked.
d) Use the !admin command. Example: !admin xyz is constantly insulting and spawnkilling. Maybe one of our admins in the IRC channel will see it and try to help you. Do not abuse the !admin command! Admins are not available 24/7!
e) Take evidences like screenshots and demos and post a complaint in the forums. Include date, time, server and names. NOTE: We log all the chats, so if somebody is spamming and/or insulting, you don't have to take evidence. But giving us quotes makes it much more easier to find the log ;)

Keep in mind that admins want to play, too and therefore can not see everything that's happening on the server ;)
NOTE: The ingame complaining feature has been turned off server side for all players.

9. No deliberate Teamkilling / Teambleeding
Anyone with excessive teamdamage will be kicked for 60 minutes. Please be aware of this!

10. No idiotic vote calling

11. No Spawnblocking

12. Fair teams / Winning team joining
If teams are unfair then try to make them fair, for example by switching teams. If teams were shuffled then do not switch back to your old team unless teams are still unbalanced (which you can not see immediately so wait some time). If an admin put you into a specific team, stay there.
People who join the winning team are not welcome. Since it is hard to know which team is the winning team when you are connecting, it is a good practice to ask for the team which needs your support. If there is no answer, you can still pick one.

Please also note that we don't kick players for being less skilled than others.

13. Cheats
It is obvious, but cheats (this also includes external tools like dynamite-timers) are not allowed on our servers. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned. We share those kind of bans with other et communities like Warhammer, X-Multigaming and FatalPunishers.
Banned from one server = banned from all of those servers.

By joining the Hirntot-Servers you must comply with the above rules. Failure to do so will result in a ban of different types. If you do not agree with these rules or to have such information published then do not play on our servers.

We hope you enjoy playing on our servers, happy fragging!