How to hear all the fun sounds

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How to hear all the fun sounds

Post by benny »

Download this file ==> and put it in your etmain/-directory. You'll be able to hear all the fun sounds after a reconnect. Enjoy!

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Re: How to hear all the fun sounds

Post by c0rnn »

All the fun sounds:
moo = playsound sound/fun/pet_cow-moo.wav
road = playsound sound/fun/misc_rrtong.wav
lamb = playsound sound/fun/pet_lamm.wav
mule = playsound sound/fun/pet_mule.wav
wolf = playsound sound/fun/pet_wolf.wav
owl = playsound sound/fun/pet_owl.wav
frog = playsound sound/fun/pet_frog.wav
horse = playsound sound/fun/pet_horse.wav
lion = playsound sound/fun/pet_lion.wav
fly = playsound sound/fun/pet_fly.wav
moo2 = playsound sound/fun/pet_cow-tipped.wav
chicken = playsound sound/fun/pet_chicken.wav
elephant = playsound sound/fun/pet_elephant.wav
chimp = playsound sound/fun/pet_chimp.wav
tarzan = playsound sound/fun/pet_tarzan.wav
lol = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Hahahaha!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_laugh.wav
lol2 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Hahaha"; playsound sound/fun/pb_laugh.wav
lol3 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Uhhahahahha!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_lol.wav
lol4 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Hahahahaha!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_alf_laugh.wav
lol5 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Gigglez"; playsound sound/fun/misc_woodylaugh.wav
donald = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Hahahahaha!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_donald_laughing.wav
rofl = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3 laughs dirty!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_rofl.wav
hi = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Hey kids! Ha ha ho ho ho!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_krusty8.wav
bye = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Kiss my curvy butt ^1GOOD BYE!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_curvy.wav
hi2 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Helloo? Mwuhahahaha"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_helaugh.wav
hi3 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Hi everybody!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_hi-every.wav
welcome = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: ^3Hi ^7<PART2CNAME> ^3join ^3the ^3party. Buuuurp! "; playsound sound/fun/hmr_joinparty.wav
greet = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Yoohoo ^7<PART2CNAME>^3, buuuurp"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_yoohoo.wav
morning = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Gooood morning Vietnam!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_morning.wav
tnt = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_tnt.wav
aha = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_aha.wav
deng = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_deng.wav
fire = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_abfire.wav
standstill = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_acdc.wav
badboys = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_badboys.wav
beatit = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_beat_it.wav
bonanza = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_bonanza.wav
damda = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_damdada.wav
danger = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_danger.wav
friendly = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_friendly.wav
getdown = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_get_down.wav
happy = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_happy.wav
hill = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_hill.wav
hitby = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_hitby.wav
horny = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_horny.wav
feel = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_ifeelgood.wav
jump = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_jump.wav
mana = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_manamana.wav
move = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_move.wav
myway = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_myway.wav
rama = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_ramalam.wav
burns = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_ringoffire.wav
rock = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_rockyou.wav
shaba = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_shaba.wav
volare = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_volare.wav
head = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_head.wav
theone = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_theone.wav
freak = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_freak.wav
mary = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_mary.wav
slayer = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER> ^3dances."; playsound sound/fun/musik_slayer.wav
fixit = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Haha. Call me mister Fixit!"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_fixit.wav
allday = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I could do this all day!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_allday.wav
wahoo = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Wahoo!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_wahoo!.wav
cool = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Coooool!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_cool.wav
wicked = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: That was totally wicked!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_totallywicked.wav
smart = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I am s-smart! I am s-smart! S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T..."; playsound sound/fun/hmr_smart.wav
wow = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: WOW hohoho ho WOW all i can say is WOW"; playsound sound/fun/misc_wow.wav
amaze = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Sometimes i even amaze my self!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_amaze.wav
yaba = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Yabadabadoo!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_flint_yabadabadoo.wav
good = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Damn i'm good!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_damnimgood.wav
yeah = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Yeah baby! YEAHHH!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_yeahbaby.wav
killyou = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I kill you ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_killyou.wav
never = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I have only five words for you...^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3: From my cold, dead hands!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_heston.wav
select = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Please select mode of death ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3. Quick and painless or slow and horrible?"; playsound sound/fun/misc_select.wav
die3 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: You're gonna die for that ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_die.wav
end = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: There is only 2 ways this can end. And in both of them You die ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_2ways.wav
come = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I come for you soon ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>!"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_comesoon.wav
asskick = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Hey, ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3, you look like ya need an asskick!"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_asskick.wav
stayback = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Stay back, I got a chainsaw ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_chainsaw.wav
silence = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Silence, i kill you ^7^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_silence.wav
payback = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Hmhmhmm it's payback time!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_payback.wav
doh = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: D'oH!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_doh.wav
aah = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: runs."; playsound sound/fun/misc_aagh.wav
tk = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Dummkopf! We're on ze same side, ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_friendly.wav
camp = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Why u don't make me some marshmallows while you're camping ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3?!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_marshmallows.wav
tent = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3, why don't u just set up a tent while you're camping?"; playsound sound/fun/misc_tent.wav
crap = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Awww, crap!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_awwcrap.wav
damnit = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3 curses."; playsound sound/fun/hmr_damn-it.wav
doh2 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: D'oH-nuts!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_dohnuts.wav
doh3 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Doh...ome!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_doh3.wav
wth = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: What the hell"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_whatwsth.wav
omg = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Oh My GOD!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_omg.wav
narf = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Narf!"; playsound sound/fun/pb_narf.wav
watami = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Narf! What am i doing here??? Naaaarf!"; playsound sound/fun/pb_watami.wav
medic = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Medic for the love of god. Medic!!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_medic.wav
fucked = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Now we are fucked!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_fucked.wav
gameover = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Thats it man. Game over man. It's game over!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_gameover.wav
wesuck = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Oh no, we suck again!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_suck.wav
tk2 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Hey ^7<PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3, watch what you're shooting!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_friendly2.wav
believe = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I can't believe it! I just don't believe!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_icantbelieveit.wav
scream = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Ahhhh!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_scream.wav
zefix = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Zefix Halleluja!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_zefix.wav
scheisse = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: scheisse scheisse SCHEISSE!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_scheisse.wav
wtf = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: What the f*ck?"; playsound sound/fun/misc_wtf.wav
waiting = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: ^3What are you waiting for ^7<PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3, Christmas?!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_waiting.wav
rip = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Rest In Pieces, ^7<PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_pieces.wav
gun = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: My gun's bigger than yours ^7<PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_gun.wav
see = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Now you see me... now you're dead, ^7<PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_see_dead.wav
relax = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Relax, you're dead ^7<PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/caleb_relax.wav
realgun = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I'm to lazy to use a real gun!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_realgun.wav
ownage = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Ownage!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_ownage.wav
sayhello = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Say hello to my little friend, ^7<PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_sayhello.wav
futile = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Resistance is futile ^7<PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_futile.wav
die = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: It is good day to die, ^7<PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_die.wav
incoming = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Incoming!"; playsound sound\fun\misc_incoming.wav
burp = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Buuuurp!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_burp.wav
getit = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Good, i'd like to get in, get on with it, get it over with and get out, get it? - Got it! - Good!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_getitgotitgood.wav
scary = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: This is getting scary!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_gettingscary.wav
lag = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I'm lagging!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_iamlaggin.wav
panic = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Don't anyone panic!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_dontpanic.wav
do = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Do something ^7<PART2CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_dosomething.wav
stand = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Don't just stand there! Pick up that gun and shoot it!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_standthere.wav
nuts = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: You're all nuts!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_all_nuts.wav
fear = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: A ninja knows no fear!"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_aninja.wav
mine = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Mine!"; playsound sound/fun/pb_mine.wav
nacho = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Nacho Nacho Man, I want to be a Nacho man!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_nachoman.wav
crazy = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: This is crazy... but then, so am i..."; playsound sound/fun/caleb_crazy.wav
shakeit = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Shake it baby!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_shakeit.wav
dead = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Everybody dead... i like that!"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_dead.wav
babes = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: So many babes... so little time!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_babes.wav
die2 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Dying times here!"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_dyingtime.wav
mess = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Hehe... what a mess!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_mess.wav
natural = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: It is natural to die"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_naturaldie.wav
bored = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Let's go... let's go... i'm bored... let's go!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_bored.wav
pain = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: No pain, no gain. Ha ha!"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_pain.wav
faster = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Come on faster! I am almost ready!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_faster.wav
failure = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Failure is not an option!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_failureoption.wav
life = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Life's not fair is it?"; playsound sound/fun/misc_lifesnotfair.wav
missed = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: HA! You missed <PART2CNAME>^3! "; playsound sound/fun/misc_you-missed.wav
boring = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Booring!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_boring.wav
weak = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Pain is for the weak!"; playsound sound/fun/lowang_weak.wav
ppl = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I see dead people!"; playsound sound/fun/duke_ppl.wav
kickass = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I do the ass kicking around here!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_kickass.wav
practice = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Ahhh, target practice." ; playsound sound/fun/misc_target.wav
problem = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Houston we got a problem!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_houstonproblem.wav
button = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Oh no! I pressed the wrong button again!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_wrongbtn.wav
lord = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Oh lord, bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou may be able to blow thy enemies to tiny bits in thy mercy!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_lord.wav
beer = qsay "Homer^3: Hmmm... beeeer!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_mmbeer.wav
internet = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Uhh, they have the internet on computers now!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_internet.wav
spiderpig = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does. Can he swing from a web? No, he can't, he's a pig. Look out, he is a Spider Pig"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_spiderpig.wav
batcountry = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Wait! We can't stop here! ...this is bat country..."; playsound sound/fun/misc_batcountry.wav
bpain = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: No, no... beer bring pain!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_beerpain.wav
duff = qsay "Homer^3: Free Duff! ^1VIVA LIFE!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_freeduff.wav
inv = qsay "Homer^3: I am invincible, invincible. You're ... Owww!"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_invince.wav
theword = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: It was my understanding that everyone had heard..."; playsound sound/fun/misc_theword.wav
suck = qsay "Homer^3: Yeah, Mo. That team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked"; playsound sound/fun/hmr_suck.wav
bla = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Bla bla blabla bla bla bla bla"; playsound sound/fun/misc_bla.wav
boobies = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Boobies!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_boobies.wav
spam = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Oh it's spam spam spam spam spam spam spam Baby spam spam spam and spam!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_spam.wav
bleh = playsound sound/fun/hmr_bleh.wav
All the forced sounds everyone hears:
english = qsay "Please stick to English in the Main & Teamchat!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_english.wav
replace = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: You can be replaced, ^7<PART2CNAME>^3, you know?"; playsound sound/fun/misc_replaced.wav
shutup = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Is it possible for you ^7<PART2CNAME>^3 to Shut The Fuck Up?"; playsound sound/fun/misc_shutup.wav
word = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: One more word out of you ^7<PART2CNAME> ^3and you go. Is that clear?"; playsound sound/fun/misc_onemoreword.wav
interrupt = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: We interrupt this program to annoy you and make things generally irritating!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_interrupt.wav
wrong = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: ^7<PART2CNAME>^3 Wrong! Thank you for playing. Have a nice day. Next contestant please!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_buzz-wrong.wav
warning = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: We've been quite patient with you ^7<PART2CNAME>^3 and so I suggest you return to your home or else we'll be forced to resort to violence!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_warning.wav
asshole = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Ladies and Gentlemen: The ASSHOLE has left the Building!"; playsound sound/fun/misc_asshole.wav
denied = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Denied!";playsound sound/misc/q3_denied.wav
headshot = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Headshot, <PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/misc/headshot.wav
pussy = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: What a pussy, <PART2CNAME>^3!";playsound sound/misc/duke_whatapussy.wav
staynice = qsay "^7[^1!!!^7]OgniW^1@^7n: ^2Stay nice please!"; playsound sound/misc/benice.wav
corn = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Don't do it, c0rnn!"; playsound sound/misc/corn.wav
fatality = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: ^1FATALITY!"; playsound sound/misc/fatality.wav
mario = playsound sound/misc/mario.wav
pacman = playsound sound/misc/pacman.wav
cat = playsound sound/misc/meow.wav
tiger = playsound sound/misc/tiger.wav
annoying = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Damn, that was annoying!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_annoying.wav
balls = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Balls of steel!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_ballsofsteel.wav
bigguns = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I like big guns, and I cannot lie!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_bigguns.wav
blowit = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Blow it out your ass!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_blowit.wav
getsome = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Come get some, <PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_comegetsome.wav
outtahere = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Get that crap outta here!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_crapouttahere.wav
damn = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Damn!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_damn.wav
gameover2 = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Game over!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_gameover.wav
hurt = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Ooh, that's gotta hurt, <PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_gottahurt.wav
kickyourass = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: I'm gonna kick your ass, <PLAYER_LAST_KILLER_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_kickyourass.wav
yippee = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_motherfucker.wav
oneofyou = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: What, there's only one of you, <PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3?"; playsound sound/misc/duke_oneofyou.wav
wastingtime = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: Quit wasting my time!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_quitwasting.wav
talkintome = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: You talkin' to me?"; playsound sound/misc/duke_talkintome.wav
yousuck = qsay "^7<COLOR_PLAYER>^3: You suck, <PLAYER_LAST_VICTIM_CNAME>^3!"; playsound sound/misc/duke_yousuck.wav
Also most sounds are level specific (mostly Donator level), so while you can hear them, you can't use the sound command itself if you're not that level or higher.
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Re: How to hear all the fun sounds

Post by c0rnn »

Sounds by level:
1 = staynice

4 = english
monty python sounds:
bequiet, bleed, complaint, draw, flesh, giggle, goaway, hello, mygod, peasant, pleasenomore, repressed, stop, waste, what, women

7 = word, asshole, replace, shutup, cat

8 = interrupt, wrong, denied, headshot, warning, corn, fatality, mario, pacman, tiger, nein, huehue
duke nukem sounds:
allday, die3, good, pussy, annoying, balls, bigguns, blowit, getsome, outtahere, damn, gameover2, hurt, kickyourass, yippee, oneofyou, wastingtime, talkintome, yousuck

need z_ht_funsound.pk3:
1 = hi, bye, lol

2 = hi2, doh, moo, aha, tnt, deng, ilikeit
2 = aah, tk, problem, incoming, lord, road
2 = tent, camp, button, lol2, mess, killyou, beer, burp

3 = hi3, welcome, greet, doh2, moo2
3 = lion, mule, lamb, fly, wolf, owl, horse, frog
3 = fire, standstill, badboys, beatit
3 = bonanza, damda, danger, friendly, getdown
3 = happy, hill, hitby, horny, feel
3 = jump, mana, move, myway, rama
3 = burns, rock, shaba, volare, asskick, watami
3 = lol4, panic, do, failure, tk2
3 = fucked, gameover, lag, believe, lol3
3 = medic, ownage, payback, realgun, select
3 = stand, wesuck, wicked, mine, narf, relax
3 = end, gun, rip, see, waiting
3 = fear, come, fixit, natural, nuts, bpain, bleh
3 = duff, cool, damnit, omg, scream, wahoo, wth
3 = doh3, stayback, smart, spiderpig, internet
3 = lol5, crap, silence, never
3 = bored, donald, faster, batcountry
3 = getit, scary, pain
3 = nacho, zefix, wow, morning, chicken

7 = missed, crazy, amaze, shakeit, dead, boring, sayhello, scheisse, yaba, chimp, elephant, life

8 = theone, head, bla, futile, rofl, practice, freak, theword, tarzan, wtf, yeah, babes, ppl, weak, die, die2, suck, inv, boobies, mary, slayer, spam, kickass
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