Why donating isn't wrong

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Why donating isn't wrong

Post by Moses » Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:00 am

Hirntot was started as a fun project and over the years it became bigger and bigger. It is still about fun, but unfortunately not only did Hirntot become bigger, also it's costs increased accordingly. We spend a lot of time on the administration and maintenance of Hirntot, we do it for fun and we still enjoy it.

Hirntot, Hirnlos & Hirnschlag create ~1.600 GB of traffic every month just for the gameservers. The rest - like map uploads, the homepage with the forum - creates ~400 GB traffic. That's an overall traffic of roughly 2 Terabyte each month, and it is still increasing. You can help us to keep the cost for the admin staff low, just to show us that you appreciate what we are doing, to keep your 'second home' alive or to know that you have just done something good this year ;-)

All donations are welcome and much appreciated. All donators get Admin Level 3, which comes with many fun sounds read here. We reserve ourselves the "right" to reject donations from people we don't want. We don't accept money from cheaters, people that have used cheats in the past or are breaking server rules on purpose. We also reserve ourselves the right to remove any privileges in case people repeatedly disobey server rules.

All money is used for the servers and nothing else! If more money is donated than needed, we will stock it for future costs or put it into better server hardware. We don't finance our holiday trips to Jamaica with it!

How to donate?

just click on the logo to donate via paypal!

Enjoy your time in the madhouse ;-)