How to get an admin level

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How to get an admin level

Post by Moses » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:31 am

You need to:
1. play regularly on Hirntot/Hirnlos/Hirnschlag for quite some time
2. provide for the server rules, also look for fair teams and actively even up if needed
3. be registered and active on our forums (no dead accounts, regular log-in)
4. be known to several admins
5. have a backup of your etkey file (if you loose your etkey, you will loose your admin level)

Admin Level comes with the following benefits:
1. Usage of funsound commands (use !listcmds on the server to get a list of available commands)
2. Usage of shoutcaster mode (super-spectator, no idle-kick)
2. Nick protection
3. Kick-vote protection

Admin level will be revoked, if you are:
1. abusing the funsound commands (massive spam)
2. disobeying server rules
3. repeatedly joining the winning team or not evening up unbalanced teams
4. using exploits or bugplants
5. permanently idling in shoutcaster mode
Higher admin level will be granted by admins. DONT ASK FOR IT!