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VSP stats general FAQ

Post by Moses » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:47 am

Q. How are my stats tracked ?

A. Every game you play on the server is tracked and logged to the server log by your "unique" PBGuid

Q. What happens if i change my name ?

A. Nothing, You can change your name many times but it wont affect your stats, Your GUID is how you are tracked. Your names or "aliases" you have used are displayed on your stats page under "Alias".

Q. What if i re-install Enemy-Territory ?

A. If you re-install the game you will create a "new" PBGUID, this will also be logged into the server log and therefore you will then create a new set of stats. To avoid this happening and so you keep all your stats for all games you play you can "backup" your PBGUID so you can replace it after you re-install. A How to save your ETKEY you find on the main page in the how to section. If you then re-install the game replace the new "etkey" file with your backup copy and your stats will continue to track you as before.

Q. How often are the stats updated ?

A. The stats are automatically updated each day at 6 am German time.

Q. Can i see my stats ingame ?

A. Yes, to see your current rank and stats ingame, just open the chatbox and type !webstats. The server will return your info from the stats database and show your Rank , kill , deaths , acc% , HS % , Kills / Death and Maps played.

Q. I type !webstats and it says "no stats available" ?

A. All players must complete at least 5 games for your stats to appear in the database. "ALL" games you play are logged, but will not appear until you have 5 complete games.

Q. I type !webstats and it say nothing / no webstats appear?

A. You must have at least lvl1 to use the !webstats command.

Q. How am i ranked ?

A. If the stats were based entirely on kills, then players who play most on the server would always rank highest. The Rank is based on Skill, This is calculated by a formula which takes into account, who you killed (their rank) and how you killed them (weapon type). For example: If you are rank 50 and you kill a player ranked 10 by a panzer, you will gain a small increase in skill and he will loose some to, if you kill the same player by a knife, you will gain more skill points as you killed him by a difficult skill. All weapons have a skill (factor) related to them. Easy killing weapons like panzer, arty , airstrike are the lowest and Knife and poison needle kills are the Highest as these are more difficult weapons to use. If you wish to see the values, then click the link "FAQ Weapon-rating" on the main page bellow the link to this FAQ.

Q. Can i gain skill any other way ?

A. Yes, to add to the skill rating, i added certain skills that will add points to your skill rating, Medics can gain skill for all health they give out, as do Fops for the ammo they supply to their team. These are only small values as it would increase players "farming" health and ammo at spawn. Engineers gain good skill values when planting and defusing Dynamite. These skills need to be rewarded as the game basically needs good engineers to progress through the maps. All players irrespective of class gain skill when getting headshots with weapons. Some weapons are excluded from this calculation as they are "easier" to get a headshot, ie K43 Scope (sniper).

Q. Why do some weapons not have Acc % ?

A. Not all weapons built into Enemy-Territory log hits and misses and headshots. This is particular to "new" weapons like the Shotgun in NoQuarter. You may "hear" headshots when playing, but the server / game does not log the acc% etc, so you will only see the kills / deaths in your stats.

Q. When are the stats reset ?

A. Currently we try to figure out how long we can keep the stats.