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Monty on the Run
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[!!!]fRUIT the buzzkill

Post by Monty on the Run » Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:54 pm

Sorry to have to do this, but I am getting no feedback on what, if anything, is being done about [!!!]fRUIT being a total buzzkill:

1. https://ufile.io/scgdbsva - asks me why I planted mines in front of the stairs at ammo house on Radar. His dialogue is utterly absurd and it's clear that he's just looking for any excuse to criticize.
2. https://ufile.io/fwni8ucn - I play mortar and make an innocent mistake in plotting down the wrong coordinates so that my heavy weapon makes an accidental spawnkill. Within 2 seconds after being put autospec he !fkick me. This is the first time I have ever seen anyone receive !fkick for accidental spawnkill. I could maybe understand it if I was a notorious spawnkiller who spawnkilled frequently, without any concern about being put spec. However that's not the case at all as I hadn't been put autospec for spawnkill for ages at that point. The only reason [!!!]fRUIT !fkick me is because he was in opposition team and hates playing against heavy weapon specialists.
3. https://ufile.io/s3opb8cf - it appears server somehow gibbed me (https://ibb.co/ZGyHPyT). All I know is [!!!]fRUIT was only ref on server, in opposition team, and just prior to that he had moaned about my "spam" as fops. If he's gibbing me for no reason then that's a clear abuse of admin priviledges.
4. https://ufile.io/jfh3t53d - he rotates teams (even though there was no need to other than he lost last round as you can see from demo in example 3). He did it 1 sec before end of countdown to new round, hoping noone would notice. Then when QpaQ says "WHAT IDIOT SHUFFLED THESE TEAMS?" he does !1day on QpaQ. Is it really necessary to give QpaQ (another heavy weapons specialist) 1 day off for something minor like this? Especially when the player numbers were dying down and we needed QpaQ to keep the server busy? (edit 1: and he's given lifetime bans before that were quickly removed, so apparently this is not the first time that he has "overreacted")
5. https://ufile.io/eqd5ep7r - he threatens me (https://ibb.co/LNRzvCN)! I mean, who does this guy think he is? I did ONE accidental spawnkill the other day (as seen in example 2), but because he is in opposition team and hates playing against me he decides he is going to threaten me. The guy is a loose cannon. You never see him threaten/!fkick players when admins are present on server.

I picture [!!!]fRUIT as a somewhat grumpy old man in his 60s. He only cares about playing rambomedic, and anyone who disrupts his game with arty/HW he has it in for (edit 2: he's even gone on record on server saying they should "ban all heavy weapons").

He never engage in fun conversation with the others. 99% of the time when he opens his mouth it is to moan about something or threaten players. You'll often see him ragequit or go spec when game gets too hard for him. He only wants to be on the battlefield when he can dominate.

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Re: [!!!]fRUIT the buzzkill

Post by c0rnn » Sat Jun 29, 2019 2:57 pm

FruiT, please don't make referee decisions against Monty based on personal feelings.

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Re: [!!!]fRUIT the buzzkill

Post by justyna.olesik » Sat Jul 20, 2019 9:38 am

It was not only against Monty, but also QpaQ and now me.
i am not a woman

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